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An adaptive tool for the mobile welder

Kemppi MIG/MAG welding machine MinarcMIG EVO 170

incl. btw € 992.20

MinarcMig Evo machines pack huge MIG/MAG welding capacity and quality into their portable, compact size. MinarcMig Evo delivers premium results wherever your work takes you.

More powerful and affordable than ever before

Kemppi Stick Welding Machines Minarc 180 EVO

incl. btw € 700.59

Kemppi has upgraded the powerful Minarc Evo equipment range. Minarc Evo 180 delivers more welding power than its predecessor but retains all of its great qualities, serving ‘welders on the move’ better than ever.

Precise weld quality and arc ignition

Kemppi MIG/MAG welding machine MinarcMIG EVO 200

incl. btw € 1331.00

MinarcMig Evo 200 offers Automatic and Manual mode set-up for precise welding quality and arc ignition, monitored and controlled by Kemppi’s adaptive arc regulation system. Just set the plate thickness and start welding

The finest TIG welding quality

Kemppi TIG welding machine MinarcTIG EVO 200

incl. btw € 2008.60

MinarcTig Evo is just what you’d expect from a Kemppi TIG welding machine. Accurate and refined HF ignition and the necessary control, power and work capacity to reliably complete a variety of professional welding tasks.

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Dumeta welding manipulator BY-50, load capacity 50 kg

incl. btw € 1452.00

Robust yet compact manipulator with hole in the middle. Perfect opportunities for the positioning of your workpiece and around welding will considerably be expanded.

EWM welding machine Picotig 200 TG, complete in box with accessories.

incl. btw € 2013.44

Portable EWM TIG welder is extremely small, compact and light. Always consistent performance: even large voltage fluctuations are not a problem!

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