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Magswitch Mini Multi Angle

Artikelnummer: 503050008

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The Magswitch line of Mini Multi Angle workholding magnets offers you more angles in one product than any other magnetic angles. If you’re tired of angle magnets that claim they shut off, but really don’t, then you’ll love Magswitch. Magswitch Mini Angles are hassle free. They stay clean for years of use. Once you use Magswitch Mini Angles, you will never settle for anything less! Each Multi Angle offers several common angles: 45/1350° , 60/1200° ,75/1050° , and 900°

Strength = 90lbs (40kg)
Height = 2.5in (65.0mm)
Width = 1.2in (32.0mm)
Length = 2.8in (72.0mm)
Weight = 0.4lbs (0.2kg)

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