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Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100X FX, fresh air system Adflo Li-ion and bag


The Speedglas 9100X FX Air Welding Shields are available as a complete system with the 3M Adflo unit, thus offering integrated protection for eyes, face and airways. The new Li-ion batteries of the Adflo unit are considerably lighter in weight and a fast charge time.

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For steady breathing protection and an excellent field of vision meets the Speedglas 9100 FX Air Welding Shield your expectations. This shield is equipped with a flip-up function with an oversized protective visor for example, cutting work. The carrier has a wide field of view in all directions, which is as secure. The completely new design of the Speedglas 9100 FX Air Welding Shield has a low profile in the folded position, it provides a better balance and reduce potential neck and shoulder complaints.

The most professional auto-darkening (ADF) filter cartridge with many setting possibilities for comfortable welding and cutting. The Speedglas 9100 Welding Filter X has seven dark colors: 5, 8, 9-13, a unique and patented setting for tack welding, adjustable sensitivity and delay function. Additional option: any dark color can be put down. With all these features, the filter offers optimal comfort for the welder, in all circumstances. Suitable for all welding and extremely good results in TIG welding with very low amperage.

The compact Adflo unit provides a constant supply of filtered fresh air causing the welder has a better protection and more comfort during welding. The filters keep welding fumes and other contaminants from, so the welder gets purified air offered. Next to a particulate filter can easily be added to a gas filter for optimal safety. The motor unit has an indicator that shows how far the particle filter is flooded, and whether it should be replaced.

The new Adflo unit is equipped with a Li-ion battery and a smart QRS shortcut. The air intake of the engine unit is preset to 170 l / min and can easily be increased for hot and strenuous work up to 200 l / min.

The new Li-ion batteries are 43% lighter in weight that the NiMH batteries and they have a very fast recharge time. The Li-ion batteries have a different connection with matching battery than the NiMH batteries. A battery and charger must be so both Li-ion or NiMH both. The new batteries also fit the Adflo units are already in use.


Lashelm 9100X FX, versluchtsysteem ADFLOW Li-ion en tas, per stuk (547715)
€ 1.663,98 incl. btw € 1309,22 € 1082,00
Lashelm 9100X FX, versluchtsysteem ADFLOW Li-ion en tas, bulk actie per 2 stuks (€1.040,00 per stuk) (547715)
incl. btw € 2516,80 € 2080,00
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