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Kemppi MMA welding machine Minarc 150 VRD & 151 110V, complete

A lightweight electrode welding machine with durable construction and superior performance. Can be applied to an electric generator or a long power cable.

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Complete with welding and workpiece cable 3 m and 3.3 m connection cable with molded 230 V 1 ph. plug.

- Light in weight, heavy in performance
- Arc survives even in hard conditions
- Automatic ignition time, ignition pulse and arc dynamics
- Ready to weld package: Just buy the electrodes and start welding

The superior arc performance of Minarc 150 is well-known among the welding people. The arc stability is based on a large voltage reserve and the automatic arc force control.
Those are the main factors that make Minarc’s welding arc survive in all positions, regardless of the welding current or the MMA electrode. Also, the good tolerance of input voltage fluctuations gives further reliability to Minarc’s good arc performance, even when using extra-long cables up to 50 m.

The great arc performance is present also in the more powerful model, Minarc 220. It is equipped with all the good features of Minarc 150, but its power capabilities have grown considerably. With a duty cycle of 100% it can deliver up to 150 A in MMA and 160 A in TIG.

The antifreeze feature makes welding more fluent by reducing significantly the risk of the electrode sticking to the base material.

Minarc MMA machines can also be used for effective and safe TIG welding with either the scratch-TIG function or the TTC 220 GV torch in Minarc 220. With the TouchArc™ feature you can light the TIG arc easily with just a gentle touch on the work piece.

Remote control is possible with either the R10 remote control unit or the RTC10 torch control unit.

MMA welding machine Minarc 150, complete (6102150)
€ 536,00 incl. btw € 519,09 € 429,00
MMA welding machine Minarc 150 VRD, complete
€ 565,00 incl. btw € 546,92 € 452,00
MMA welding machine Minarc 150 110V, complete
€ 839,00 incl. btw € 813,12 € 672,00
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