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Magswitch Electric hand lifter 60-CE

Artikelnummer: 503050052

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Push Button Electric On/Off Magnetic Hand lifter.
4 volt rechargeable battery for instant on/off control for small steel transport and material handling.


  • Push button On/Off Control
  • 100% duty cycle-Magnet can stay ON forever!
  • Magswitch magnet stays clean when off!
  • Indicators: “On” indicator light; Battery strength indicator
  • Cordless Electric rechargeable 4 volt battery with Charger (includes 2 batteries)
  • Recharges in just 20 minutes.
  • Super strong Magnet Up to 200 lb. (90 kg) of grip More than 3 times the recommended safe working load of 60 lb. (27 kg)
  • Pipe groove for transporting pipe.
  • High Duty Cycle Magnet for years of daily use


  • Fast easy push button On/Off control.
  • Ability to move or handle steel faster with instant actuation.
  • Strong magnet allows transport of heavier material.
  • Cordless battery actuation -fast recharging Pick up hot , sharp or dirty steel without touching it.

Productivity Advantage: Fast pick up and transport of small steel loads

Safety Advantage : No more picking up sharp, hot or greasy steel with your hands. Magnet “On” and battery strength indicator lights for safe operation

Magnet Strength:    235 lbs/106 kg
Full Saturation Thickness:    0.25” / 6 mm
2:1 Shear Working Load:    45lbs / 20 kg
Net Weight:    2.4 lbs/1.1 kg
Overall Height:    8.2in/209 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint:    56mm x 42mm

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