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Magswitch Multi Angle 1500 MagVise

Item number: 8100897

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The magswitch Multi Angle 1500 – MagVise offers clever dual function. A workholding angle tool and a super convenient quick connect/disconnect magnetic vise. Holds up to 1500lbs/681kg on thick steel. Offers 45/135° + 60/120°+ 75/105° + 90° angles. Featuring the patented Magswitch® technology for complete on/off control, super strong, precise positioning. Use it as a vise for quick set up and small steel fabrication including cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding, etc. Vise options include round, angle stock, square bar or flat.

  • Dual use magswitch workholding tool.
  • Doubles as a multi angle workholding tool with all the fixed common angles you need.
  • Magnetic on off Vise is perfect for holding small to medium size steel pieces while drilling, cutting, grinding and beveling etc.
  • A portable instant on off vise that you don’t have to bolt in place.
  • Holds flat, round, or odd shaped pieces. Incredibly strong, stays clean.

Magnet Strength = 1500 lbs/681 kg
Full Saturation Thickness = 0.5”/ 13mm
2:1 Shear Working Load = 148 lbs/67 kg
Net Weight = 21 lbs/9.5 kg
Overall Height = 5.4in/138 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint = 72mm x 108mm


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